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Increase RevenuesControl CostsGain Visibility
Increase Revenues by adding more customers to the same network connection without compromising your SLAs... Control Costs by managing precisely who gets how much bandwidth, and when. Also find who is using all of your bandwidth... Gain Visibility in real time right down to individual users, and store data for future reporting or amalgamation with your billing system...
Broadband Service Providers - Control your costs by keeping customers to what they are paying for; Increase revenues by adding more customers to the same Internet backbone connection, and Gain visibility into what your customers are doing - service providers around the world are using Dyband to make more money...find out how...
Keep track of who is using what, and when, and deliver services to the departments that need them, when they need them

Control students and ensure that everyone on campus is receiving a fair and equitable share of your bandwidth resources

Dyband will enable your company to better control your network expenses and see who precisely is using what, leading to overall savings



July 21, 2005: Dyband announces next generation Application Classification and Shaping product.

Apr.13, 2004: Dyband issues a new version of its IP Traffic Management software.

Jan.14, 2004:
Dyband signs Traffic Management software licensing agreement with Leading Canadian Service Provider.

Dec. 4, 2003: Telesat deploys Dyband on its HSi Broadband Network.

Sept. 4, 2003: Dyband software deployed at the University of Bristol

July 4, 2003:
Nunavut allocates satellite broadband Internet bandwidth - itWorld Canada article

July 3, 2003: Dyband Delivers Intelligent IP Traffic Management for the Government of Nunavut

Dyband in Action - Flash Demo

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